1. Start out by measuring your barrels maximum diameter (in case of any deformed barrel like my own) and height.
  2. On your wood mark out 4 segments of the same size a bit larger than that of the diameter. I'm using 1 ΒΌ times the diameter for my own measurements.
  3. Next mark out on the PVC pipe so that the length is longer than that of the length of the barrel by at least 6 inches (more depending on if the size of th barrel is larger and preferred aesthetics).
  4. Mark out another wood segment a little bit longer then the length of the barrel, but not by much. Make sure that the wood is within an inch of the barrel height.
  5. Place the longer segment horizontally and set two of the shorter wood segments perpendicular on each side with the bottom lining up. Use 2 screws for each attaching segment to lock that open topped rectangle in place. (I marked everything out first and drilled in a hole so that the screw fits easier).
  6. Measure the length of the base of the rectangle formed from the previous step and mark out another wood segment of that length and repeat the previous step where you attach the 2 smaller segments on each side.
  7. Mark out half way on each shorter side of the incomplete rectangle and screw the two segments together, one inside the other, so that when placed short side up they are perpendicular.
  8. Mark out two lines along the circumference of your barrel, if using a dark barrel I recommend doing this with tape. Now along those lines use a pencil to mark out where you want to put your holes and your door. Holes are absolutely necessary and make sure you place in plenty! Then cut out the rectangle for the door and drill in holes (relative to barrel size) where marked out.
  9. Measure your PVC pipe diameter and drill a hole in the direct center on the top and bottom of your barrel of that diameter.
  10. Cut the material you will be using for the fins so that it would fit inside the barrel. The bigger the barely the bigger the fins. You're going to need a total of 2 segments, which you attach inside far away from each other. These will be responsible for turning your compost when you rotate the barrels. To attach them I'm using strong double sided tape, but nuts and bolts would work as well and would be better for larger contraptions.
  11. Once the fins are inside the barrel container and are firmly attached markout on the barrel the location for your hinges on the barrel (and on the rectangle cut out earlier ) and attach them along with the door using your nuts and bolts and screw driver. Make sure the hinges are tight and that any sharp edges are pointing inside the barrel or are covered.
  12. Attach the lock to the door and the barrel, again, by making out the openings, drilling the holes and fastening it with nuts and bolts.
  13. Inset the PVC pipe through the middle of the barrel and place the barrel onto the previous stand. I'm using plumbing rubbers to keep the barrel relatively in place.