1. Peel the leaves off from the cob and set them to dry in a newspaper for about three days.
  2. When getting ready to make the actual doll, soak the corn husks in warm water and set them on a towel to dry, so that they are malleable and easy to handle.
  3. The following is not the only way to make the dolls but it is the simplest way. Sart by lining up around 4 sheets of corn husk and rolling them, almost like a cone so that the top is pinched together. Use your rubber band or yarn to tightly secure that cone edge.
  4. Peel down the corn husks to form a more round surface and cover the existing yarn. Use your rubber band or yarn to pinch together the top of the cornhusks, where they fold into the center, and form a head by tightly wrapping the yarn or band.
  5. Next rollup 2 or 3 corn husks to make a tight straw and insert them inside the corn husk doll by parting the loose ends of the leaves in two and secure the upper torso with another rubber band.
  6. Finally tighten the corn husks with rubber bands anywhere you would like a joint or to keep the pieces together.
  7. To decorate, use construction paper or leaves and staple them onto the doll or make clothes out of other cool materials yourself!